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Paper Recycling

It is the process of reusing paper waste, where all the used paper is collected from institutions, schools and organizations, and then sent to the paper and cardboard factories, which are recycled and sold in local markets or Arab markets, and this saves hard currency by reducing the rate of paper consumption, in addition. To provide the large quantities of paper needed by the market in a quick time.

Types of recycled paper

Not all types of paper are recycled; there are types of papers that do not accept recycling such as health papers, and papers that are recycled:
- Newspapers: They are light leaves, low durability, and short life.
- Magazine Papers: They are similar to newspaper papers but they are clear papers and have the property of gloss.
- Cardboard: consists of a set of layers, used for packing various publications or in packing boxes.
- Cardboard: Paper that is used to pack some food.

Stages of paper recycling

For recycling paper, there are a number of steps and instructions that help make a product that can be used, respectively: 
- Collection: It is the collection of paper used from institutions, schools and government agencies.
- Sorting: This is the most important stage of recycling paper, and in order to get a good quality of paper we must pay attention to good sorting.
- Cutting: At this stage the paper is cut into a group of thin and homogeneous slides using a cutting machine.
- Washing: Submerge chopped paper into large aquariums.
- Mixing: The shredded paper is mixed through a mixing device to get the dough.
- Forming: Paper is formed in a variety of ways depending on the type of product required.
- Drying: Here the formed paper dries
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